Our Services

Our Services

At Columbia River Dental Care our number one priority is you. We understand that many people feel uncomfortable or even fearful at the dentist. For some, more information about procedures is helpful in easing this anxiety. We are also happy to not get into the details. 


Why: Crowns are necessary when there isn’t enough tooth structure left to avoid future fracture of the tooth. What:  The tooth is prepared by replacing


Why: Fillings are necessary when there is decay that has made its way past the hard outer shell (enamel) of the tooth.  What: The decay

Dental Implants

Why: Dental Implants are needed when there are any missing teeth that are not wisdom teeth. What:  Evaluation of the amount of bone left where

Root Canal Therapy

Why: Root Canal Therapy is necessary when decay and/or bacteria has reached the nerve in the middle of the tooth, usually resulting in a tooth


Why: Extractions are necessary when decay or a fracture has progressed to a point that the tooth can no longer be restored with a filling,

Clear Aligners

Why: Our teeth are often misaligned and can cause us to have destructive chewing habits or to not like our smile. What:  Fixing these defects

Teeth Whitening

Why: Our teeth tend to darken over time and the color can even be affected by what we eat. Bleaching our teeth can help with

Make An


We would love to meet you! Our number one goal is to have you feeling better about yourself when you leave the office.