Teeth Whitening

Why: Our teeth tend to darken over time and the color can even be affected by what we eat. Bleaching our teeth can help with this (however crowns and veneers will not lighten with this treatment). There are many novel products for this but we will cover what treatment is done in our office (The Take Home Option).


  1. Impressions are taken of your teeth.
  2. Custom fit soft plastic trays are made. 
  3. A minimal amount of bleach is placed in the trays (enough to cover the teeth, ideally would not touch the gums).
  4. 20-30 minutes of wear is recommended.
  5. Rinse the trays and mouth with water.
  6. Repeat daily or weekly until desired lightness is met.

Next Steps: Bleaching typically works quickly but needs to be repeated periodically. The most important thing to do is maintain your oral health with regular cleanings and checkups. There is no benefit to whitening your teeth if they aren’t healthy to begin with.